Acer AW328 P1286 M315 PE-X44 F14X AX328 M305 Remote Control

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Controles Remotos Para Proyectores

Modelo: Tekswamp - METEK-59212147

Acer Aw328 P1286 M315 Pe-x44 F14x Ax328 M305 New Projector Remote Control


remote control for
Acer AW328 P1286 M315 PE-X44 F14X AX328 M305 Projectors 

team has specifically programmed this remote control to work with the device model listed in the title. No additional programming is required. This remote will perform most of the original commands on your device, meaning it is guaranteed to turn the device on and off, give access to the menu, navigate the menu and choose input signal. There is a set of specific functions such as a page flip, keystone correction, video and numbers adjustment which will most likely be available, however, in rare cases, may not work properly.

If you have any questions regarding this product or service, please contact us via Ebay message, we will be happy to provide you with the information needed. Customer satisfaction is our primary goal.


  • Compact and ergonomic design
  • The remote can be used with low physical effort, it features well spaced buttons and a compact, rectangular body, which is convenient for storage and carrying. Dimensions: 5.5in x 1.5in x 0.8in

  • Soft buttons
  • Buttons are comfortable but not overly-sensitive to the touch. This feature prevents them from wearing out or sending accidental signals.

  • Batteries performance and longevity friendly
  • Electrical circuit of the remote control requires little power to operate. It will continue to operate even when the batteries are close to their life cycle end.

  • Strong beam
  • The power of the beam is comparable to that of the most original remote controls and depends on the strength of the batteries inside.

  • “ON” Indicator
  • The “ON” Indicator lights up after any active button on the remote has been pressed. It indicates that the remote works properly and that it sends an IR signal to the device.

  • Security screw
  • Security Screw is a childproofing feature, that limits unwanted access to the small parts inside, preventing choking hazards associated with them.

  • Durability
  • The remote is manufactured from strong durable plastic and will not get easily damaged.

    Remote requires two “AAA” batteries (not included).


Free Replacement or Refund. One-Year Limited Warranty against defects in materials and workmanship under ordinary consumer use from the date of original retail purchase.

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